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- Hi! My name is Emilli and I've been doing Virtual Photography for nearly 2 years! When I first started out, it was all about Horizon Zero Dawn (what a game 🥰) and I've been hooked onto VP ever since. If I'm known at all by anyone in the community, I'd say its for my TLOU2 shots as I'm only slightly obsessed with that game...

- Ok, I lied. I'm massively obsessed 🙃 as you can see.

- I do post shots from other games but I'm not gonna lie, you'll always find a TLOU2 shot around the corner 😊

- I currently co-run a TLOU2 theme called #AbbyWednesdays and I also help run a little VP page called @WorldofVP. 

- Virtual photography became a hobby of mine that I always used to randomly do but I never shared a thing. Then I came onto twitter, I found this amazing community and I never looked back from then on.

- The Virtual Photography community is one of the best communities around so I just want to say thank you for all the support!
And of course, give these crazy cats at @VPECLIPSE some love 🥰 they deserve it for all the support they give us daily!

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