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- My name is Maxence, I'm 30 years old and I'm French from the city of Angers.

- I've always been passionate about video games since I was little, I knew all the PlayStations in particular. Over the years, I had more and more a passion for photography, cinema, music and video games.

- I started virtual photography a little by chance at the end of 2019 with screenshots on the RDR2 game on PS4 before the photo mode was integrated, and also on the game A Plague Tale Innocence by discovering the first photo mode in a Game. I started to make small video montages with photos by incorporating music on these two games with my brother. The revelation was the health crisis and the confinement, it was at this time that I had a lot of time to take pictures on many games and decide to create a dedicated Instagram then Twitter later since I had a lot of stock photos.

- I never had any bases or studies in photography, the fairly natural artistic sense probably comes from my father. I do all my photos by feeling, a lot while listening to music, it allows me to transcend myself and get the best staging and the best emotion possible. I try to respect each universe of games, each personality of the characters in my photos by adding my other passions. My styles in photography are cinematographic, artistic, immersive with a lot of emotions. I accentuate this by adding different music corresponding to each photo in Instagram story. I like to take pictures on all possible games that have the photo mode only on PlayStation including independent games.

- In-Game Photography has become an evidence allowing me to combine all my passions, video games, cinema and music. Here is a bit of all the elements that make my trademark and my personality.

- My favorite games are by far, RDR2, TLOU2 and Death Stranding, these are the only 3 games that literally transported me, they are much more than games. My favorite photo mode is The Last of Us Part II, it is simple, precise and effective and because this game is completely my DNA, but it is indeed the photo modes of the Insomniac Games games (Spider-Man and Ratchet) which are the better especially the spotlights that can be added, really an excellent idea.

- In precision, I use Lightroom for some adjustments on certain photos, but I make sure to have the best photo possible directly on the photo mode of the games.

-To conclude, I have the ambition to live from this passion, I try to multiply the projects related to virtual photography. I hope my dream will come true, I will give everything. This is just the beginning of this field, and I discovered a great virtual photography community.

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